Anti-Scratch Car Cloth
Anti-Scratch Car Cloth
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Anti-Scratch Car Cloth

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Keep your car looking as good as new with our Anti-Scratch Car Cloth. The cloth effectively removes scratches and stains without damaging any paint work. Simply clean and dry your surface then gently use the cloth to wipe the problem away. The cloth is reusable, meaning if you are unfortunate enough to find an aesthetic issue with your car, you’re able to easily and inexpensively sort it yourself. 

  • Doesn’t damage paint work
  • Removes scratches and stains
  • Simply wipe over the problem
  • Reusable 

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    How many times can I reuse the cloth?

    The cloth can be reused 10-15 times. 

    Will it take the paint off my car?

    Our Anti-Scratch Car Cloth should not remove any paint when used correctly. We advise that you take extra care when using on dark coloured cars as too much force could use chromatic aberration. 

    How do I use it?

    Clean and dry your selected area. Apply some gloves and then gently start to wipe away the issue on your car.

    Is there anything I shouldn’t do?

    Do not use the cloth under high temperatures - including the car temperature. We also recommend using a soft, gentle motion instead of abrasive removal. 

    My cloth is dirty, can I still use it?

    Yes, the discolouration of the cloth does not affect its efficiency. 

    Can I wet my cloth?

    Do not wash the cloth or use it with water. 

    Can I return my product?

    Yes. If for whatever reason you are not happy with your item you may return it. It must be un used and in original packaging for a full refund.