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Smart Spoon

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Elevate your status in the kitchen to masterchef with our Smart Spoon. Unlike the average spoon, this features a high precision sensor so that you can weigh out ingredients and portion sizes to the utmost accuracy. The wide screen LCD display makes it easy to read and automatically locks when the reading is stable. The overload indicator tells you when you have exceeded the maximum weight of 500g. Save on washing up and time with this genius device.

  • High precision sensor 
  • Utmost accuracy
  • Easy to read wide screen LCD display
  • Automatically locks when reading is stable
  • Save on washing up
  • 500g maximum weight
  • Overload indicator

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    How much can it weigh?

    The maximum weight is 500g; the overload indicator will inform you when you have exceeded this amount.

    What material is it made out of? 

    The spoon is made from stainless steel and environmentally sourced ABS plastic.

    How do I switch it off?

    It powers off automatically after 2 minutes.

    Will the weight change?

    The reading automatically locks when it is stable.

    How do I read it? 

    The spoon features a wide screen LCD display.

    How do I wash it?

    Simply wash with warm water and soap if necessary and dry.