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Privacy Protectors

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Fed up of stickers continually falling off and leaving a sticky residue on the webcams of your devices? Never worry about that again with our Privacy Protector covers. The pack of three allows you to ensure all of your devices are protected and are thin enough to ensure your laptop still closes fully. Specifically created with an open and close design, this allows you to access your webcam quickly and easily. 

  • Pack of three
  • Suitable for all devices
  • Easy to open and close
  • No more sticky residue
  • Thin enough to ensure laptop closes fully

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    How many in a pack?

    There are three protectors in each pack.

    What colour are they?

    The Privacy Protectors are black.

    What should I use them for?

    These will cover your webcams to ensure your privacy.

    How do I apply them?

    Simply place one over your webcam.

    What material are they made out of?

    They are made from plastic to ensure longevity and waterproof.

    What size are they?

    1.86cm x 0.9cm x 0.5cm and 0.07cm thick.

    How do I remove them?

    Simply peel off and there should be no sticky residue leftover.

    Will I still be able to close my laptop properly?

    Yes, they are so thin that you should still be able to close your laptop fully. 

    Do I have to remove the cover to use my webcam?

    No, it has been designed so you can open and close it when it is suitable.