Radiator Duster

Radiator Duster

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Never struggle removing dust and cobwebs from those hard to reach areas with our Radiator Duster. Specifically designed with microfibre to catch any unwanted dust, the 80cm long, flexible duster can even reach those little, pesky places. Keep every area of your home looking clean and tidy with our easy-to-use Radiator Duster. 

  • 80cm long
  • Flexible
  • Microfibre material
  • Perfect for hard to reach areas

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    How long is it?

    The Radiator Duster is 80cm. 

    What material is it made out of?

    The duster is made from microfibre.

    How do I use it?

    Simply use the product to dust any hard to reach areas such as radiators and skirting boards. 

    Is it flexible?

    Yes, the Radiator Duster is flexible.