Silicone Height Insoles

Silicone Height Insoles

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Desperate to be taller without the pain of heels? Say hello to our Silicone Height Insoles. The unique insoles have been specially designed with silicone so that they are harmless to the body, easy to clean and reusable. Suitable for trainers, boots and any other shoes that require socks, simply wear under your socks and go about your day as normal with those longed for extra inches!  

  • Easy to clean
  • Reusable
  • Suitable for multiple shoes
  • One size
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    What size are they?

    The insoles are one size.

    What material are they made out of?

    They are made from silicone.

    How do they work? 

    The Silicone Height Insoles have been designed to increase your stature discreetly.  

    Will they hurt me?

    No, the insoles will not harm you. 

    I have corns, can I still use them?

    Yes! The insoles can be used by anyone and have been reported to relieve pain from corn, calluses and more.  

    Will my shoes still fit?

    Yes, the silicone is thin enough that your regular shoes should fit. 

    Can I reuse them?

    Yes, the Silicone Height Insoles have been designed to been used multiple times.