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Hooks can be handy to have around your home, but when it comes to hammers, nails, and holes in your walls - it can get pretty messy. So how about getting hooks that won't leave a mess? These Superhooks are the answer! Not only are they transparent - so almost invisible - but they can also be reused time and time again with no tools required. Just peel off the cover and stick to your desired surface. The PVC material is strong and durable allowing you to perfectly decorate your home. 

  • Transparent
  • Reusable
  • 6 per pack
  • No tools required
  • PVC material


What material are they made out of?

The hooks are made from PVC.

How do I use them?

Simply peel off the cover and stick to your desired surface.

What colour are they?

The hooks are transparent.

How do I reuse them?

To reuse the hooks, peel off your surface, wash the sticky side and leave to dry.

How many do you get in a pack?

There are 6 Superhooks in one pack. 

What are the best uses for them?

Nail free hooks are widely applied on wood, glass, frosted glass, glass grid, ceramic tiles, metal surfaces, non-paint walls and other hard flat surface.

Can they really be used on ANY surface?

We recommend that you avoid using the hooks on cob wall, painted wall, wall cloth, wallpaper; high temperature, rough and uneven surfaces are also not recommended.

How much can they hold?

The maximum bearing of wall hooks is 5kg.

What size are they?

The hooks are 2.87 x 2.95 inch/ 7.3 x 7.5 cm.