Zero Touch Keyring

Zero Touch Keyring

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The government may think that easing lockdown is a good idea but how safe is it really? The latest research suggests that the family of COVID-19 viruses can live on surfaces, including door handles, for four-five days! Ensure the safety of your health with our Social Distancing Keyring. Specifically created from perspex for the ease of sanitation, the social distancing keyring has been ergonomically designed for the best grip in the hand. The perspex material creates low or minimal abrasion making it safe for most surfaces including cars. It has been designed for lifting and pulling - and can even lift up to 18kg! The keyring means you will always be able to protect your health. 

  • Perspex material
  • Can be easily sanitised
  • Designed to ensure solid grip
  • Creates low or minimal abrasion
  • Designed for lifting and pulling 
  • Can pull up to 18kg

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    What material is it made from?

    The Zero Touch Keyring is made from zinc alloy. 

    What colour is it?

    The Zero Touch Keyring comes in silver. 

    How do I clean it?

    To clean, simply wipe with a damp, soapy cloth and dry. To sanitise, we recommend using a non-alcoholic sanitisers. 

    What can I use it for?

    The Zero Touch Keyring has been designed for lifting and pulling, such as a door handle or carrier bags. It has been proven to lift up to 18kg! 

    Is it safe for my children to use?

    Yes, the Zero Touch Keyring has no sharp edges so is safe for anyone to use it.